Making a Submission

You have the opportunity to make a submission of the proposed plan changes, outlining your support or opposition and the reasons why. The Ministry for the Environment’s Everyday guide to the RMA series includes a section on making a submission on a plan change which available from the link below.

Everyday Guide to the RMA

It is generally recommended that you study the plan change documents and clearly identify the provision or provisions you are submitting on and decision you are requesting. If you are having trouble understanding the proposed plan changes it is recommended that you seek independent advice if possible.
The closing date for submissions is 03 July 2019 at 4pm to make a submission you can either:

Fill out this interactive online form


Download this printable form

Note: this can be emailed to handed in to our offices at Forum North (7 Rust Avenue Whangarei), or send it via post using the address included on the form.

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