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Urban and Services Plan Changes - Whangarei District

District Plan Changes: Urban and Services

What this is and why we are doing it

Whangarei District Council has put forward proposals to create new zones in Whangārei’s urban area, three new Open Space Zones and some new rules around transport, drinking water, stormwater and wastewater, earthworks, signs and lighting.

A call for submissions went out, all of the received submissions have been summarised, submitters have been heard and the recommendations of the hearing panel have been put forward to Council.

Urban areas, open space and district wide matters affect us all, so we need to get the planning for them right.

What is in the District Plan?

Whangārei has a District Plan that lays out all the rules and regulations about how land can be used in our District.

It divides the District up into zones and contains rules that apply to the land of each zone and some rules that apply to all of the land in the District.

The District Plan was developed with the community years ago. To keep it up to date with changes the community wants, changes in legislation and developments in technology and scientific knowledge parts of it are reviewed, in consultation with you, the public, every year throughout a 10-year cycle.

What is a Plan Change?

When new rules, changes to or removal of old rules are required, proposed plan changes are developed. These then go through a public consultation process.

The process is formal and includes notifying the public of the proposed plan changes, calling for submissions and further submissions, hearing submissions, deliberating and decision making. Following that there is an appeal period.


Whangarei District Council has notified Plan Changes to the Whangarei District Plan as part of the Plan’s rolling review.

This website is intended as a resource to assist effected parties in understanding the District Plan Changes: Urban and Services Package, generally. For specific technical reports and documentation head, over to

What Plan Changes are Council drafting?

This package proposes 20 Plan Changes, which include 20 new zones, and 7 new District Wide Chapters.

Each draft Plan Change will include specific changes to the District Plan text and maps. These include:

  • New District Wide Chapters, with objectives, policies and rules.
  • New Zone Chapters, with objectives, policies and rules.
  • Changes to the District Plan Map series.
  • New definitions and consequential changes to Chapter 4 Definitions.
  • Consequential changes to the District Plan text as required.

What is a Zone?

Zones are a planning tool used in the District Plan. Each property within the District is identified as a Zone which specifies the scale and type of activities that may take place.

What is a District Wide Chapter?

District Wide chapters are objectives, policies and rules that apply to the whole District. For example, the Noise and Vibration (NAV) chapter sets noise and vibration limits for the entire District.

District Plan Changes: Urban and Services Interactive Map

A number of the Plan Changes propose new mapping be added to the District Plan, the following map is an interactive copy of this Proposed District Plan Mapping.

Clicking the highlighted areas will produce a pop-up identifying the proposed zone, overlay or resource.

Please note while steps have been made to ensure that this mapping is consistent and accurate, the PDF mapbook available at www.wdc.govt.nz/PlanChanges is considered to be the ‘true’ proposed mapping.

We’ve come this far

(June 2018)

Review of Feedback &
redrafting of provisions
(August 2018)

Formal Consultation



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